1st place in Humor

Wedding Photographer Ben Chrisman of South Carolina, United States
South Carolina, United States

Ben Chrisman

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Wedding photographer Ben Chrisman, was awarded 1st place for photo 1342106 in the Humor category for the WPJA's 2013 Q4 Contest.


  • Tough category- a lot of really good moments. What really rose to the top were the spontaneous images where the photographer really had to be on his/her game to get the photo. There were also images that were good luck and timing combined. The number one image for me was a great little moment that the photographer saw and caught. I love the man's expression under the hug – very nice.
  • Is that the groom or a witness caught between the throes of reality and hope? The reality is clear - the wedding documents need a signed agreement. It’s the document that seals the ties that bind in an enduring legal document. Even in divorce the ink of those signatures never fades. But in hope, they mark the merging of two into one. You have to love this image, if nothing more than for its not-so-subtle message about the ties we bind and bridges built over trouble, or slightly perturbed waters.

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