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Ben Chrisman, WPJA's Photographer of the Year in 2007 and first runner-up in 2015, is a destination wedding photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina. His life began in Kentucky, where his mother was a school teacher and his father was a land surveyor. As a young boy, he enjoyed exploring the woods, building forts and playing with his dog, Rascal. When Ben was eleven years old, his family moved to Sarasota, Florida, where they spent weekends and holidays at the beach. Later, they relocated to New Mexico, where Ben attended college at New Mexico State University and studied photojournalism. Ben worked as a photojournalist, taking one million+ photos and meeting thousands of people. He eventually left his home in Santa Fe to document the destruction of the tsunami that had affected Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This experience profoundly changed Ben and inspired him to document weddings instead. He has been using this cultural celebration to bring joy to people all over the world ever since.

130 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

9 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

13 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Ben Chrisman as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.

4 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Ben Chrisman.

Married: 14 years ago

Betsy & Hansen

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've watched our slideshow about 17 times since you posted it yesterday, and have spent at least 10 hours in the online gallery. The amazing thing is, when I watch the slideshow for the 18th time, I know I'll tear up yet again, and laugh yet again. You just captured the emotion so exquisitely and told the story of our day so beautifully that I feel like I'm re-living each moment. It's even more fun to see the moments that I didn't see as the day unfolded. I had no idea that I laughed out loud at the alter when the minister started to tear up until I saw your pictures of my expression! I could gush for pages about why finding you both was the best decision we made for our wedding and why you really are the best photographers in the world, but you already have the photos and the awards that speak for themselves. I'll thank you instead for being so surprisingly humble for someone so acclaimed. Thank you for being so non-invasive in capturing the story of the day as it unfolded instead of taking it over. And thank you for being so truly passionate about your work. When Ben got excited about a great shot- we all got excited! After seeing you both for our last two family gatherings, I think we're all going to be a bit disappointed when you don't show up for Christmas. I'm going to start badgering my brothers to hurry up and get married so we can do this again! Wishing you both all the happiness that you've given to us

Married: 15 years ago

Vicki & Jacob

Our Dearest Ben- It has been said that really great talent is that which finds its happiness in execution. This quote, I think, addresses you completely - your work is nothing short of remarkable, and your love for the camera shines through every photograph. There is no doubt that hiring you was far and away the best decision of our wedding. But the pictures were only half of it....the other is that we made a great new friend. How beautiful and rare to find someone who is so in touch with life that he can literally transport you back in time through the lens of a wonderful and uplifting to encounter someone in this industry who actually makes you more aware of the joy your wedding represents... We are forever in your debt for the amazing photographs. We are even more indebted for the kindness and patience that is you. It was a blast and we can't wait to see you again. Miss you tons

Married: 16 years ago

Kendra & Chris

Ben, Chris and I don't even know where to begin. You are truly the best! Not only was your photography the most incredible thing my family has ever seen, your personality and charm won us all over. You were so helpful throughout the day in so many ways. We will never be able to repay you for everything you did for us. You made me feel the most calm I have ever felt my whole life on the most 'stressful' day of my life; for that I thank you with all my heart! Every single picture you took at our wedding is a beautiful piece of art; that is what sets you apart from every other wedding photographer out there. You captured every single perfect moment of our perfect day - the funniest moments, the excitement of the day and most importantly, you perfectly captured our love for each other. So, thank you Ben! We love you and everything you are doing for the couples you photograph! We were so blessed to have you

Married: 16 years ago

MJ & Mike

Dearest Ben, We've run out of superlatives to describe your brilliant work. All we can say now, again and always is thanks for the beautiful pictures. Hiring you was definitely the best decision by far about our wedding. Planning for our big day took a completely different course once we booked you, as if the bar had been "raised" because of the quality and standard your photos would attribute. We were more excited about our photos than anything, the marriage itself being a given. We're so glad your availability opened up for our date because it could've been the biggest regret of our lives had it not. You are an incredible photographer with pure talent, dedication, passion and humility. You've always given us more than what was required of a professional. Thanks for having been such a pleasure to work with, for your tireless spirit, dedication to the art and continuing to inspire us with your work