Featured Istanbul Wedding Venues

Getting married in Istanbul? Find the top Istanbul wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the Istanbul wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated November 6th, 2019

Boat wedding on the Bosphorus - Wedding photo of the big kiss at the end of the day
Wedding Photography by Derya Engin, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Cruise Tours, Istanbul has long years of experience hosting private parties and corporate events of all kinds. For dinners and wedding receptions, their boats, menus, and staff make every occasion special. Tap into that experience to ensure your wedding event and photography is an outstanding success.

The Galata Hotel İstanbul Turkey - Bridal detail photo of the dress on the painted wall
Wedding Photography by Emre Nesli, Istanbul, Turkey

The Galata Istanbul Hotel, Turkey has been hosting different cultures and civilizations for more than thousands of years and is today accommodating some of the best hotels in Istanbul. One of the most famous historical buildings of Galata, the Baltazzi Han, built in 1836, went under a full renovation in 2017 for custom planned wedding events.


İstanbul Marriot Asia Hotel wedding venue photography | Bride waiting for the groom
Wedding Photography by Emre Nesli, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia Certified Wedding Planners are trained to help. After completing demanding coursework, each Marriott Certified Wedding Planner is qualified to coordinate weddings of all types, including ethnic and military weddings.

Istanbul-Green Park Wedding Photojournalism - Bride Dancing with crazy children
Wedding Photography by Serenay Lokcetin, Istanbul, Turkey

The Green Park Hotels and Resorts will help you have an extraordinary wedding with their commitment to providing high-quality services and different menu options that will help you create the perfect atmosphere.You can enter into matrimony in a garden that brings the nature to your feet or a ballroom similar to those in a palace; by the pool with a wonderful view overlooking the islands; on a snow-white hill or a forest in Kartepe commune with the nature; or a roof overlooking Istanbul or the Çizmeci Pavilion with historical texture of Diyarbakır.  No matter where you choose, Green Park Hotels & Resorts allows you to have the wedding and authentic wedding photos from Taksim.