Juliana Wiklund

My interest for getting to experience and learn with different cultures was the beginning of a life as a photographer. From selling pictures to surfers at the beach while attending Graphic Design/Photography College to being an internationally awarded life-style wedding photographer, it's been many years on the road. During all these years, I had a chance of traveling around the world and developing my interest for documenting people´s everyday life as well as moments that make life worth living.

Besides shooting weddings, I also photograph for commercial picture agencies such as Getty Images and many other editorial articles in magazines and books. I've been judging photography competitions around the world and providing the Photography Community with Worskhops using the Beloved Technique and at the present moment I'm the only Certified Beloved Teacher in Sweden. Children Photography is also a big part of my life and as I have three little ones of my own. Children interaction with the bridal party is often a recurring subject on my wedding pictures. From Stockholm to the world, being able to communicate in Portuguese, English, Swedish, Spanish and Italian, I would like to hear more about YOUR story!

Juliana Wiklund
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Juliana Wiklund.

Married: 5 years ago

Raishel & Matthew

Dear Juilana. I love your work because your work is alive! Not only do your pictures tell a story but they speak.You capture more than a pose, but also a moment, a spirit, an energy and a mood in each still shot. In fact, its hard to call you photos "still" even though pictures are stationary inanimate objects. However, your photography has life; I can see the people breathing, hear them laughing or crying or sighing. I loved the emotion in your pictures. Juliana, you can transmute a photo into a life, a picture into a biography. You added joy to my wedding! I booked you based on your talent, I fell in love with you based on your personality. Being photographed by you was the absolute highlight of my day. You are so warm, positive, friendly and familiar. It was a pleasure having you as a guest at my wedding, because you felt like a friend/family member. You seamlessly slipped into my heart and the hearts of all my guests. You felt like a part of us, so we were able to be totally open, natural, and true. And now each time I look at my photos I feel happy and joyful. I am so appreciative to you for preserving my day. Thanks to you I can relive my wedding day, any day. Thanks to the warmth you brought to my wedding, my day was even more magical and my joy was magnified. To other brides, I know that having a destination wedding is expensive and flying in and sheltering a photographer can seem extravagant. But Juliana is affordable, amenable, and worth the investment. When the food is eaten, the flowers dead, the music stopped, the night will never end. It will be alive and continue in her photographs into posterity. Gratefully, Raishel

Candan & Dennis

Married: 6 years ago

Candan & Dennis

Juliana Wiklund : thanx to her! I do not call her a wedding photographer; she is more than that!! We started having fun the moment we received the "love questionary" that she wanted us to fill in. And on our wedding day Dennis and i spent 2 magical hours before the ceremony all alone together talking & laughing & walking in town; enjoying the excitement of that special day.. And Juliana was the invisible witness to those magical moments.. No posing, no interfering... she was the invisible witness to our story as a couple. Juliana, you are the best thing that can happen to a couple on their wedding =) ♥

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