Île-de-France wedding photography by Julien Michel of the France WPJA
1000+ (EUR)

Julien Michel

I have enjoyed directing, framing and directing for about twenty years.
My first wedding reportage was at the age of 15, when my mother remarried.

I'm not just a photographer, I'm also a happy husband and father, a lover of cooking, I like to spend time making dishes and at the table.
I am a bit of a musician in my spare time, a collector of little things to the great displeasure of my wife. I like airplanes and old watches, those with a history. I like François Truffaut's cinema, Sautet's films, Frank Margerin's comics and Franquin's art.

And why the wedding photo will you tell me? Style often decried by my fellow photographers, it is a universe where creativity has its place. With several years of experience, I know how to work with the constraints specific to marriage. Ensure the essential photos and take enough distance to create, innovate, let my eyes play. I like to stage and highlight people, emotions, feelings.