Wedding Photos of Stunning backdrop

The following “Stunning backdrop” images were created by documentary wedding photographers from the WPJA, who regularly submit their best candid moments, artistic portraits, details, and scene setters for review by our WPJA competition judges.


Some of the “Stunning backdrop” marriage photography samples below may have come from the getting ready events, the actual wedding ceremony, the reception after-party, an engagement session with the couple, or possibly be artistic portraits or detail shots.

FINE ART WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Our Artistic Guild award winners take a more creative approach to wedding day Portraits and use their innovative skills to capture the Details of each couple’s special day. The Artistic Guild’s Scene Setters are some of the most notable and breathtaking from within the artistic WPJA contest categories. Playing with light and shadow, special effects, and post-production editing, these images embrace the artistic component of wedding photography.

PRE-WEDDING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of every couple starts long before the wedding day, and the engagement marks one of the most important milestones in their story. Engaged couples often want to celebrate the occasion and announce their upcoming wedding with a photoshoot. Pre-wedding portraits of an engaged couple can be just as moving and compelling as the images taken on the wedding day. Engagement portraits can win a Diamond Award, an exclusive WPJA award whose winner is selected from the best engagement photography in the world.

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In a picturesque field against a stunning sky backdrop, a couple in Niwot, Colorado strike a close and tender pose, captured in a minimalist shot exuding the beauty of blue skies and white clouds.
Wedding in the Clouds: Serene Love Amidst the Majestic Skies of Niwot CO
A romantic portrait of a couple at an enchanting waterfall in Deming, WA, where they shared their first dance. The waterfall cascades powerfully behind them, creating a stunning backdrop.
First Dance by the Falls: A Captivating Portrait of Love in Deming, WA
This wedding photo was taken at Roosendaal, Netherlands. The couple embraced each other amidst the stunning backdrop of purple heather flowers.
A Captivating Celebration amidst Roosendaal's Radiant Purple Heather Flowers
A couple poses lovingly amidst the stunning backdrop of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, capturing the essence of pure romance and experiencing a whirlwind of emotions during their engagement photo shoot
Amidst the Enchanting Scenery of Gramado: A Captivating Love Story Unfolds
A couple in Corfu, Greece lifts each other to share a kiss after their wedding ceremony against a stunning backdrop of the sea
Lovers in Love: Embracing Bliss by the Azure Waters of Corfu, Greece
The Siena couple had their engagement shoot during a beautiful sunset in the stunning backdrop of Piazza del Campo
Romantic Engagement Shoot Captures Stunning Sunset at Piazza del Campo in Siena
Portrait of a couple kissing in black and white against the stunning backdrop of the open countryside at The Priests House in Barden, North Yorkshire, UK
The Priests House in Barden, North Yorkshire, UK: A Stunning Black and White Portrait of a Couple Kissing in the Open Countryside
Domaine de Ronsard: A mesmerizing wedding couple portrait, captured under a starlit night sky, showcases the enthralling presence of a blue smoke backdrop, while strings of lights illuminate the atmosphere
Domaine de Ronsard: Mesmerizing Wedding Couple Portrait with Blue Smoke Backdrop, Starlit Night Sky, and String Lights
A perfectly balanced composition captures a couple's picture session as they sit in a stone alcove at the Museum Hotel in Uchisar, Nevsehir, Turkey, with a stunning backdrop of numerous hot air balloons filling the sky
Nevsehir, Turkey: Stunning couple's picture session in stone alcove captures hot air balloon backdrop
Delhi, India: Outdoor shot captures the details of the bride's dress hanging against a stunning backdrop, surrounded by warm sunlight in the hotel area
Outdoor Shot of Bride's Dress Hanging in Hotel Area in Delhi, India, Capturing Stunning Backdrop and Warm Sunlight
This engaged couple have a beautiful lifestyle portrait taken in Istanbul, Turkey with their shadows visible on the iconic, graphic bridge with its repeating lines as a stunning backdrop
The happy couple posed for their engagement portrait, their shadows visible against the iconic bridge's graphic lines, creating a stunning backdrop
The historical Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey provides a stunning backdrop for a couples' lifestyle portrait session, capturing this special time in their lives as they prepare for marriage
The couple's engagement portrait captures the joy of their union, framed by the majestic Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey
In Hampshire, England, the beautiful bride stands in profile near the water's edge, looking out to sea with a dramatic sky overhead, creating a stunning backdrop for the reception location portrait
Hampshire, England: Bride stands near water's edge, looking out to sea with dramatic sky backdrop for reception portrait
The couple's chic style is on full display as they pose for a portrait on the Chicago Riverwalk, with the city's skyline serving as a stunning backdrop
The couple's flair was prominently featured as they posed for a photoshoot at the boardwalk, the city's skyline providing a breathtaking backdrop
The beautiful orange sky over Lake Como provided a stunning backdrop for the couple portrait, with the sunset adding a romantic touch
The couple posed in front of a romantic sunset creating a breathtaking backdrop over the lake
A couple took a portrait on the hotel balcony in Phoenix, AZ, with the city lights below them providing a stunning backdrop
The couple posed for a portrait on the hotel balcony of Phoenix, AZ, with the glittering nighttime cityscape as the backdrop
A beautiful and dramatic setting for an engagement photo shoot with the cliffs and mountains in the background providing a stunning backdrop for the couple
The Colorado couple pictured in warm tones of rim light in Boulder
This romantic pre-wedding portrait session captures the intimate embrace of a couple, with the soft, warm tones of rim light illuminating their hair. The stunning backdrop of a warm sunset and tranquil water adds to the beauty of the picture.
An engaged couple were pictured standing in front of a stone wall in Rio de Janeiro, arms around each other's shoulders, overlooking the sea
Engaged couple beamed with joy in a photo taken in front of a safety wall, embracing with arms around each other's shoulders, as the ocean provided a stunning backdrop
Engagement portrait session in Siena with city as background
A romantic embrace atop a windswept rooftop. He holds her close, her hair billowing in the breeze, with the city skyline as a stunning backdrop. This couple's engagement portrait session is full of love and emotion.