2023 Top 9 Engagement Photographers Near New Jersey

Page Updated: September 16th, 2023

Find pre-wedding photographers in New Jersey who specialize in creative engagement portraits in natural environments, urban settings, indoors, and outdoors. They have expertise in natural lighting and can also bring lighting equipment.

Let the Wedding Photojournalist Association help you find the perfect New Jersey engagement photographer for a personalized pre-wedding photoshoot. Get to know your photographer's shooting style and build a strong rapport through a couple's photo session. This experience will help ease any anxiety or nerves you may have about your wedding day photography. Trust our professionals to guide you to the best locations and create custom and artistic engagement images that reflect your love story.

Wedding and Elopement Photographer - Jason Rhee

Jason Rhee is a photographer with a unique creative vision. He captures couples in natural settings, showcasing their tender and loving embraces against vibrant fall colors, on urban streets, and by water bodies.

Studio portrait of John Ryan, wedding photographer of J&J Studios, LLC

John Ryan is an artistic wedding photographer who captures the playful essence of couples in natural and urban environments. His specialty lies in creating romantic and dramatic engagement portraits, especially during nighttime sessions.

Wedding and engagement portraits by Michelle Arlotta

Michelle Arlotta is a creative wedding photographer who has a knack for capturing adventurous engagement photos that are anything but stiff and formal. She has a passion for incorporating the vibrant colors of nature into her shots, resulting in stunning and unique portraits of couples.

Studio portrait of engagement, wedding and elopement photographer Scott Josuweit

Scott Josuweit is an artistic wedding photographer who captures romantic nighttime engagements. He is known for his expertise in off-camera lighting, creating artful and creative pictures with dusk lighting, silhouettes, and bold colors, enhancing the framing of his subjects.

Casey Fatchett Wedding Photography

Casey Fatchett is a wedding photographer who captures love in his environmental engagement portraits. He has a keen eye for utilizing natural light and picturesque park settings, often incorporating stunning skylines. Casey is known for his ability to bring out the playful and joyful side of couples in his photographs.

Urban wedding photography by Jenna Salvagin

Jenna Salvagin is a non-traditional photographer who captures intimate portraits of couples in urban settings, showcasing their love for each other against city backdrops. Her environmental engagement portraits often feature couples affectionately embracing and gazing at the city skylines, creating unique and artistic compositions.

Emily Liang, Wedding Photography and Engagement Portrait Sessions for Couples

Emily Liang is an accomplished wedding photographer who captures breathtaking environmental engagement portraits. She has a particular knack for creating romantic night time shoots and rural sessions amidst scenic landscapes. Her love for botanical gardens and museums adds a unique artistic touch to her work.

Wedding photography by Tim D. Yun

Tim D. Yun is a photographer who has a passion for capturing couples in creative engagement portraits. He is fascinated by symmetry, soft light, pastel colors, and urban and nature scenes.

Portrait of Wedding Photographer Denise Chastain

Denise Chastain is a photographer who has a passion for capturing unique and unconventional couples. She specializes in creating heartfelt and playful engagement portraits in natural and park-like settings. Through her lens, she captures the love and joy that couples share while having fun and being affectionate with each other.