2024 Top 6 Engagement Photographers Near Milan

Page Updated: February 14th, 2024

Find pre-wedding photographers in Milan who specialize in creative engagement portraits in natural environments, urban settings, indoors, and outdoors. They have expertise in natural lighting and can also bring lighting equipment.

Let the Wedding Photojournalist Association help you find the perfect Milan engagement photographer for a personalized pre-wedding photoshoot. Get to know your photographer's shooting style and build a strong rapport through a couple's photo session. This experience will help ease any anxiety or nerves you may have about your wedding day photography. Trust our professionals to guide you to the best locations and create custom and artistic engagement images that reflect your love story.

Milan small wedding photography by Federico Fasano of Lombardy Italy

Federico Fasano is a seasoned wedding photographer with 15 years of experience and a background in art and photography. He excels in capturing the emotions and passion of each wedding through his documentary style. Federico particularly enjoys working with couples in nature settings like parks and ocean backdrops.

Lifestyle image of Luca Fazzolari, a wedding and elopement photographer of Italy

Luca Fazzolari is a professional engagement photographer who captures couples as they stroll along the waterways and canals. His photographs exude romance against the backdrop of historic buildings.

Black and white studio portrait of documentary wedding and elopement photographer Lucio Zogno

Lucio Zogno is a wedding photographer renowned for his timeless images of couples. With a distinct flair for employing natural lighting and breathtaking compositions, Lucio's work showcases the romance and emotion of the couple. From intimate lifestyle sessions to dramatic on-location portraits, his photographs capture the essence of love and create lasting memories.

Documentary Wedding Photography by Gabriele Lopez

Gabriele Lopez is a modern and innovative wedding photographer known for his contemporary and stylish approach to capturing intimate portraits of couples. With a focus on utilizing beautiful natural light, he expertly captures the organic and loving embraces shared between his subjects.

Massimiliano Beccati is a contemporary photographer known for his innovative approach to capturing engaging and intimate portraits of couples. With a unique vision and a knack for making couples feel comfortable, he creates vibrant works of art that blend boldness and intimacy.

Stefano Ferrier wedding photographer and couple engagement portrait pro

Known for his contemporary and bold approach, Stefano Ferrier is a sought-after engagement photographer who expertly incorporates urban art and stunning cathedral backdrops into his unique portraits of couples. His portfolio showcases his ability to create fun-filled sessions that merge different environments with a touch of romance.