1st place in Cake Cutting

This photograph, taken by Cristiano Ostinelli, was awarded 1st place in the Cake Cutting category for the WPJA's 2013 Q4 Contest.

Judges Comments

  • This image had a raw spontaneity that I really liked and showed the photographer's skills in lighting and filling the frame. Might not be the bride’s favorite, but it was a great moment caught.
  • Ouch. This has to be one of the most unusual moments from a cake cutting that I’ve ever seen. Three sets of hands smash the bride’s face into a cake as a fourth reaches through the melee. Even a child throws her weight into the mash-up! The bride’s earrings are caught mid-swing as they fling forward like crash dummies. This is a fun moment…I guess. But, one thing we don’t have to doubt is that the photographer nailed this photo as sure as the bride’s face nailed that hapless cake.

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