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Page Last Updated September 9th, 2021

Outdoor Cesena, Italy Elopement Pic in the Countryside - Photo by Caterina Errani
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Caterina Errani, Ravenna, Italy

Cesena, Italy - Italian and Slovakian

The bride and groom take a peaceful stroll together after their ceremony and before the party begins. They carried "Mr." and "Mrs." balloons that were gifted to them that day by their friends, giving a sweet, nostalgic feel to this portrait.

When this couple planned their wedding during a pivotal moment in history, they knew they had to look to the past, rely on tradition and focus on the timeless emotions of tenderness, love and care throughout their day...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Fabrizio Demasi, Mantua, Italy

Rocca San Vitale, Parma

I saw the groom a few times before the wedding and tried to understand his character and how he interacts with Natashia. After listing how the wedding would take place, he talked about how much his future wife would appreciate a non-invasive photographic presence. So, I brought into play my experience and my way of telling stories.

Trying to hold back her emotions, the bride watches the groom’s face as he puts on the ring.