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Page Last Updated October 23rd, 2019

Wedding Venue Location: Landhaus Spatzenhof Wermelskirchen | photography of dancing kryptonit men
Wedding Photography by Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

Hotel Landhaus Spatzenhof has the perfect setting for your wedding event. As part of your planning, they organize a Pre Wedding Dinner several times a year.

At this event, you will get to know service providers, artists, and their team.

Wedding Photography at Casino Zeche Zollverein | Image of bride and groom during first dance with sparklers
Wedding Photography by Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

The colliery Zollverein was an active from 1851 to 1986 hard coal mine in Essen.

It is today an architectural and industrial monument - Casino Zollverein, Essen wedding venue. Together with the directly adjacent coking plant Zollverein, the sites 12 and 1/2/8 of the coal mine have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2001. Zollverein is the anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.