Featured Noord Brabant Wedding Venues

Getting married in Noord Brabant? Find the top Noord Brabant wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the Noord Brabant wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated March 6th, 2022

A truthful report of raw emotions in a Bovendonk wedding day image captured by a Hoeven, Netherlands documentary wedding photographer showing the Groom and his brother in BW just before the ceremony starts
Wedding Photography by Caroline Elenbaas, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Historic Noord Brabant Wedding Images from the Hotel Bovendonk

Hotel Bovendonk, Hoeven Wedding Venue: Getting married in inspirational and cultural surroundings, Bovendonk is the ideal location to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life in a romantic and yet relaxed environment.

The historic ambiance of the old seminary and the surroundings create a special setting for your wedding day. An exceptional place where you can celebrate your wedding from beginning to end.

Enjoy your entire wedding day at Bovendonk, without any time pressure or driving to and from, nor any parking worries, in short, a stress-less day at a top-notch venue for the best Hoeven wedding photography.

A first rate wedding detail picture from a Hoeven marriage event at Landgoed Tielens in The Netherlands showing The text of the wedding official got completely wet during the ceremony due to the rain
Wedding Photography by Caroline Elenbaas, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

North Brabant Garden Weddings at Tielens and Tielens

Have a wedding ceremony in their beautiful garden, under the gazebo.  Celebrate at your reception in the bridal greenhouse.  A splendor of a personal wedding ceremony, followed by wedding cake and champagne on the lawn.  

Helden van Kien Wedding Day photos with kids - Come cuddle with mom
Wedding Photography by Freek Nagtzaam, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Beautiful Wedding Venue in North Brabant | De Helden van Kien

De Helden van Kien offers plenty of opportunities for beautiful wedding photos, but also for the ceremony. Streekpark Kienehoef has many 'romantic groves' in which the ceremony can take place. There are of course many more options, such as a spectacular arrival via the boats. Distinguished with endless possibilities, the beautiful location and it is also possible to spend the entire day with us. From reception to reception, from fully catered dinner to a lively evening party, everything is possible!

De Vlaamse Spijker, Dongen wedding photography showing tears from bridal party after dad ended his speech.
Wedding Photography by Caroline Elenbaas, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Noord Brabant Wedding Venue | De Vlaamsche Spijcker in Dongen

De Vlaamsche Spijcker, Dongen Wedding Ceremony Venue -  The location will be delivered so that a ceremony for 50 people can take place (ceremony table, chairs, standing tables, table skirts, bows, tables, etc.). If desired, it is possible to place classic American wooden white folding chairs for an additional charge. By placing benches, extra chairs and standing tables, possibly more guests can attend the ceremony.

when your friends surprise movie is a big hit at the wedding reception | strand Binnen - Breda (Netherlands)
Wedding Photography by Marlies Dekker, Rotterdam, Netherlands

NL Wedding Venue for inside or outside ceremonies

Strand Binnen, Breda Weddings - If you like anything but standard and live for the unique, you can indulge yourself at STRND. You can get married in various places inside or outside, and you can dine there with up to 100 people. Share your wedding ceremony with up to 160 people and dance until the early hours with up to 250 friends. This location provides a fun atmosphere for you and your guests, making it the perfect wedding venue and optimal place for all of your wedding photographs.