Top 9 Flanders Wedding Photographers for 2019

Page Updated: February 3rd, 2019

These are the award-winning Flanders wedding photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association who are setting and exceeding the standard for reportage-style documentary wedding photography today.

Flanders and Antwerpen wedding photographer Nathalie Moors | Belgium
East Flanders Wedding Photographer Sven Soetens - Flanders, Belgium
Flanders-based Joshua Dhondt is a Wedding Photographer for Antwerp, Belgium
Portrait of East Flanders Wedding Photographer Ruth Wytinck, of Belgium
Belgium and Flanders wedding photographer Philippe Swiggers
Kobe Vanderzande is a wedding photographer from Belgium and Limburg
Belgium Wedding Photography by Kristien Mertens of Antwerpen
East Flanders Wedding Photographer Jonas De Gent, of Flanders, Belgium
Antwerpen Wedding Photography by Elke Van Rulo, of Flanders, Belgium