New Jersey Backyard wedding photos of The boys enjoying themselves as they pour colored sand into a glass jar

The boys enjoyed themselves as they took part in the outdoor wedding ceremony, uniting the couple with a unique unity ceremony that included pouring colorful sands into a glass jar
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Hunterdon County, New Jersey

The boys enjoy themselves as they pour colored sand into a glass jar as part of the unity ceremony.

Rather than opt for an elaborate affair with an extensive guest list, Stefanie and Andrew were married in an intimate ceremony that took place in the backyard of their new home in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. In fact, it was the exact spot where Andrew had proposed to Stefanie, so the experience came full circle. On a quiet afternoon with their four boys and two witnesses, the couple said their vows in this peaceful setting. In addition to the vows, the entire family took part in a unity ceremony. After the ceremony was complete, everyone enjoyed a lighthearted portrait session before they went off to enjoy a nice meal together.