8th place in Parents

Oregon, United States

Craig Volpe

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Wedding photographer Craig Volpe, was awarded 8th place in the Parents category for the WPJA's 2009 BRIDES Magazine.


  • Sandwiched between two bridesmaids making last-minute calls, a father takes a step back from the chaos in this humorous shot. Classic photograph. Priceless expression on the man framed perfectly between the two women. We can almost hear his thoughts. Distracting element on right should be cropped. Absolutely comic moment between old and young. Total disconnect between the father and the cell phone chatting daughter and bridesmaid. A first-rate moment. This photo is like a well-written novel with it's characters fully described, except that the viewer of the photo creates their individual personalities in his or her own mind each time they look at it. This successful photo could be viewed daily and each time it would have the same intrigue on the mind. It makes me want to know MORE!

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