Stefano Serra

Stefano Serra followed the footsteps of Scianna, Kudelka and Salgado taking pictures for some of the major italian magazines, telling stories with images with great passione and skill.

Today his talent and energy are completely dedicated to tell the story of the Great Day of the couples around the world, and, of course, to manage JoyPhotographers Studio.

Stefano’s shots can be recognized among all others: there’s a movement, an emotion, something magic that render very personal each of his images.

Stefano lives in Torino where he’s born in 1976, married with Anna they have two beautiful kids, Jacopo and Mattia.

Stefano Serra
Joy Photographers
2500+ (EUR)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Stefano Serra. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Valerie &Matthias

    Valerie &Matthias

    Married 3 years ago
    Dear Stefano We would like to send you a HUGE thank you! You made our wedding unforgettable. Not only with the pictures that we will keep for ever, but also with your discrete and attentive way of working. You truly have an eye for charming details that make the difference - and you simply have style! :-) The wedding album you have created ist wonderful too - a precious memory which will allow us to live through the best day of our lives again and again... Valerie &Matthias