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Wedding Photojournalists of Piedmont

For the best photography on your big day, you’ll want a wedding photojournalist to take artful, beautiful pictures reflecting real emotions and moments, not contrived situations or posed performances. You also need a professional who can make your family and guests feel at ease. Meet the accredited member photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

10 Featured Photographers available for your wedding...

Manuel is a photographer based in the Lake district Area, Italy

My name is Manuel and I'm a photographer based in Lake district Area. I like photography in his real artistic essence and language, I find my inspiration in great photographic authors language, such as Ghirri, Iodice,...

Manuel Cacciatori

Duepunti Wedding Photography

Arona in Novara, IT
Starting Price:
2500 (EUR)
Offering photographic services of marriage in Europe - Maurizio Gjivovich

Was born and works in Ivrea, realizes photographic services of marriage for 15 years in Europe and outside Europe. Realizes press photography for magazines. Has published photo reports in international magazines, Specchio (...

Maurizio Gjivovich

Ivrea in Torino, IT
Starting Price:
2500 (EUR)
Davide Longo is a wedding photojournalist shooting in Italy, Piedmont and Turin

Davide Longo is cool : on time and accurate, when he puts himself on something he does well and without sparing himself. Born in 1990, Davide started as a boy, photographing fishing falcons and sardinian deer... A passion,...

Davide Longo


Turin, IT
Starting Price:
2500 (EUR)
Alessandria based wedding photographer Giuseppe Cavallaro shoots for brides in Italy.

Fotografo professionista classe 1967. Fin da ragazzo impara l’arte della fotografia nello studio fotografico del padre, il quale gli tramanda passione per il lavoro e gli insegna le prime tecniche. Da lui riceve in regalo la...

Giuseppe Cavallaro

Alessandria in Alessandria, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
Italy based photojournalist Marco Sasia turns his camera on brides during the weekeds providing top weddiing photojournalism

Born in 1968, Marco Sasia is a talented professional photographer with 25 years experience who lives and works in his hometown Cuneo in Italy. He is currently working as a freelance photographer for the New York Times. For the...

Marco Sasia

Cuneo, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
Elisabetta Rosso is an international wedding, reportage and travel photographer from Italy

I am Elisabetta Rosso and I am a national and international wedding, reportage and travel photographer based in Italy. After receiving a bachelor in electronic engineering I realized that only with the photography I will be...

Elisabetta Rosso

Vercelli, IT
Starting Price:
1400 (EUR)
Elisabetta Riccio is a pro photographer specializing in wedding photojournalism in Italy.

I am a professional photographer specialized in wedding's photojournalism since 2009. I'm a dreamer and I love what I do. Plus I'm addicted with Photography, Travel and Art. I love telling stories and this is...

Elisabetta Riccio

Torino, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
Matteo Reni has a wedding style that is driven by working with available light and being an unobtrusive observer

I was born in 1967. I started taking pictures at 8 yrs old when I got a Kodak Instamatic. My interest in wedding photography came (and has not run out yet) in 1992 shooting some friends' wedding. In the time I was graduating...

Matteo Reni

Busto Arsizio in Varese, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
 Emanuele Capoferri discovered his love of photography as a young boy

Based in Ispra, Italy, on the bank of the stunning Lago Maggiore. Emanuele is 42 years old and is married, he have three children. He discovered a love of photography as a boy when he would borrow his grandmother’s bicycle and...

Emanuele Capoferri

Ispra in Varese, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
Camporotondo Etneo in Catania, IT is home to wedding photographer Leonardo Tornabene.

I love telling stories, not with words but with images, capturing real life moments, every person and every place has something that makes them unique. Sono Leonardo Tornabene Fotografo Siciliano; Sin da bambino la...

Leonardo Tornabene

Camporotondo Etneo in Catania, IT
Starting Price:
1700 (EUR)

Wedding Photojournalists from Piedmont

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2500 Euro

Joy Photographers: Stefano Serra

Torino, Italy

Stefano Serra followed the footsteps of Scianna, Kudelka and Salgado taking pictures for some of the major italian magazines, telling stories with images with great passione and skill. Today his talent and energy are completely dedicated to tell...

1700 Euro

Sergio Bruno

Manta, Italy

Thanks to an innate passion for photography and then following the achievement of an Advanced Master of Photography of Performances at the European Institute of Design (IED),in 2009 I decided to be involved and undertake this profession. I...

1400 Euro

Nicola Genati Photography: Nicola Genati

Verbania in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy

Client Letters

Valerie & Matthias

Photographed by Stefano Serra

Dear Stefano, We would like to send you a HUGE thank you! You made our wedding unforgettable. Not only with the pictures that we...

Anna & Antoine

Photographed by Maurizio Gjivovich

Thank you very much Maurizio for your precious work as our wedding photographer! you have wonderfully captured the atmosphere of the...