Douglas Despres

Douglas  Despres

Doug is an award-winning photographer based out of San Francisco Bay. His style is documentary with drops of lifestyle. He is best known for his peaceful and positive demeanor, and ability to easily connect with all of the guests. Doug has shot near 450 wedding events since 2002 from San Francisco to Seoul and Big Sur to Bangkok. Seen as an extension of the family, he gets in close and comfortable, becoming quickly accepted and forgotten, while framing the perfect shot at the height of the moment. Departing a bit from his days as a photojournalist, Doug prefers to photograph from "inside the circle" instead of out... often ending up as a longtime family photographer and friend. Published in leading blogs such as NPR, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Rock N' Roll Bride and Le Magnifique, his images are treasured by the professional community. Doug is listed as one of the top 30 photographers in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association and one of the top 100 wedding photographers in the U.S. by the popular blog Brandsmash.

Douglas Despres
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Douglas Despres. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Christine & Bryan

    Christine & Bryan

    Married 2 years ago
    "Doug these are amazing!! I can't even tell you how much I'm in love with them! You did such an incredible job and I cannot thank you enough! They're unreal!"
  • Nicole & Chase

    Nicole & Chase

    Married 2 years ago
    Hi Doug! I meant to ask you this before but I forgot... What's a good place (or places) for me to write a review of you for future brides to see? You were wonderful and made our day so special and stress-free and I wanted to share that with anyone looking for a photographer :)
  • Alexis and Ted

    Alexis and Ted

    Married 6 years ago
    W-O-W! I knew you and Katherine were at the wedding but I didn't realize you captured so many moments when we weren't looking. You guys have an amazing storytelling ability and allows me to experience the emotions and relive the magical day. You never cease to surprise me with your use of angles and interesting perspectives that make the images so beautiful and artistic. I'm so glad we got some film, they are fantastic in that they DO give that romantic old world feeling so thank you! And thank you for indulging my request for formals/facing the camera and details.,
  • Nelia & Tom

    Nelia & Tom

    Married 5 years ago
    This is absolutely amazing. I sent it to several friends and they all said that they felt they had a peek into a really intimate moment. Since we didn't have any guests, it has felt really great to share this with people so they can see what it was like. I've said thank you a million times but here I go again - thanks! I am so so happy that you were our photographer and everytime I look at your photos I am taken back to my wedding day and the beauty of it all. I know that even when I am 80 I will feel the same way.
  • Karen & Fumi

    Karen & Fumi

    Married 4 years ago
    You guys were amazing at our wedding!! It was hands down the best day of our lives and we were so happy to have you and Katherine with us on our special day. It was so much fun! I cannot thank you enough for shooting some photos in film. It is one of the best present we received so far! We cannot wait to see them :)
  • Christina & Tony

    Christina & Tony

    Married 6 years ago
    Hi Doug and Katherine - I've been meaning to email you both and tell you how happy we were with you both. Even BEFORE we saw the amazing photo you just sent, we were so happy with your wonderful personalities, your sense of space and how comfortable you made everyone. It was a pleasure working with you both!
  • Eleanor & Dave

    Eleanor & Dave

    Married 5 years ago
    Doug you did the most FANTASTIC job! The photos are all so beautiful I can't even make a favorites list because they're all so great. I confess that I even teared up looking at them it was such a happy day and you captured everything. We're so grateful for all your efforts, we really can't imagine having had a different photographer there to share our day with us. Thank you so so much!
  • Jenny & Eric

    Jenny & Eric

    Married 5 years ago
    WOW. Pictures are simply amazing. We especially love the super special film photos. Thank you once again for being a part of our wedding, and our life! When you come to Boston next, please shoot us an email! We would love to have you and Katherine over to our place. :)
  • Lea & Danny

    Lea & Danny

    Married 6 years ago
    Doug & Katherine!!! We are speechless!!! Awesome photos!!! We love all of them. Thank you for capturing each & every smile, laugh, kiss, and moment of joy during our celebration... Without you guys, it would be just a memory. But with these incredible photos, we can relive our special day over & over again... Thank you again for everything.
  • Lauren & Seth

    Lauren & Seth

    Married 3 years ago
    Doug this photograph is so beautiful... I'm stunned! The film almost glows. It was such a delight to have you at our wedding, we couldn't imagine a better choice.

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Contact me with your wedding date to see about availability and we'll go from there :) As seen on NPR, Brides, and Style Me Pretty, among others. - Doug D.