Marco Odorino

Marco  Odorino

Marco Odorino has been working as a photographer since 1997 while traveling and living internationally.
His philosophy to photography is simple: be present and capture the natural essence of every day life. Often it is the subtle, overlooked moments that define such a beautiful day. I photograph everything from the traditional formal group portraits, to that special undefined quality unique to each wedding. The wedding day is something special and so are the photographs.
Based in Puglia and United States, Marco Odorino specializes in capturing the charm and elegance of your wedding.
Marco’s style is unobtrusive and non-invasive: “fly-on-the-wall”.

Marco has covered weddings in California, Swizzerland, Germany and of course Italy. His style is relaxed and fun and his personality is reflected in his simple yet and unique wedding photos. He feels extremely blessed to have a career he is so passionate about.

Marco Odorino
1700+ (EUR)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Marco Odorino. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Laura and Tom

    Laura and Tom

    Married 5 years ago
    I wanted to say a very big thank you Marco and your amazing team for being so incredibly brilliant! We felt completely relaxed and comfortable with you, and have some truly stunning photos of the day to show for it. We can safely say that having you on board was a key part of the most fantastic wedding day imaginable… Thank you !!!
  • Breeze and Kartik

    Breeze and Kartik

    Married 4 years ago
    WOW Marco!!!  We LOVE it!  It's magical.   Thank you for your creativity and kindness, we are so glad we have this to remember the best day by.  Thanks for the two cameras- fantastic editing and story (beginning is great!).  You're right, Kartik was very sweet :) It's SO good.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I will let all my San Francisco and California friends know that you are the only logical choice when they need a photographer. I hope all is well in Puglia.  We intend to visit again in September :)   xo, breeze
  • Camille and Peter

    Camille and Peter

    Married 4 years ago
    Dear Mino, Marco & Domenica, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! We received a big package from Italy yesterday and I had too wait the whole day before opening it as I wanted to open it with Peter…. The pictures look great and the movie is MAGICAL !!!!! We were crying of emotions !!!! Thank you for having felt our wedding the same way we did. Thank you for capturing so many touching moments… We watched it twice already yesterday…and we will again and again and again… Thank you, thank you, thank you… Have a lovely weekend ! Camille & Peter
  • Elisabeth and Philipp

    Elisabeth and Philipp

    Married 4 years ago
    Hello Marco,   Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are finally home!  I cannot express how greatful (and impressed) we were with you and your team.    Let me start off by saying that when I arrived at the hotel I went into a panic!  I was not prepared to see so many people and so many cameras, but you put me at ease and somehow got me to do the interview.  You handled everything so professionally and even went out of your way to hide my husband-to-be in the closet! lol  We could not stop talking about you guys over dinner.  We appreciate you so much and are so happy we made the decision to choose you as the photographer for the most important day of our lives.   I've been thinking that the panic I experienced somehow shows up on the video, but considering all of the equipment and special lenses you have... I'm sure you'll make it work!   I guess I am one of those crazy brides after all.    Thanks again for everything!!!!     Best regards, Elisabeth Mesa
  • Elisa and Nicola

    Elisa and Nicola

    Married 4 years ago
    Ciao Marco,ti dico subito che dovremo fare un trasferimento di chiamata dal mio telefono al tuo,così parli tu direttamente con tutti quelli che mi telefonano per dirmi quanto siete bravi,quanto è meraviglioso il filmino,e la scelta delle musiche,e le immagini ecc.ecc...non faccio altro che dare i vostri recapiti, io sono Stufa!!!!! Ancora un grosso abbraccio,grazie mille! Elisa