Tuscany Wedding Photographers

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Beatrice  Moricci
1800 Euro

Beatrice Moricci

Cavriglia in Arezzo, Italy

I am a dreamer. I believe that everything can be possible. I love watching. I am curious. I look for simplicity. I am seduced by beauty, emotions, good vibes, wonder: these are the four main ingredients that I watch in my life and create in my photographs. I was born in Tuscany, in the countryside near Florence.

Fabio  Mirulla
2000 Euro

Fabio Mirulla

Montevarchi in Arezzo, Italy

Hello, I am Fabio Mirulla. I was born in 1986 in a small village near Florence, Siena and Arezzo.

1400 Euro

Enrico Belli

Barberino val d'Elsa in Firenze, Italy

I’m Enrico Belli and I am an Italian professional wedding photographer, but it has not always been the case.

2900 Euro

Andrea Corsi

Montevarchi in Arezzo, Italy

I believe it is in the nature of humankind to be attracted, and sometimes, upset, by what is different from us, as in a way it represents our opposite, our contrasting personality. I never found it easy to show my emotions and my sensitivity, to express my real self and let go completely, displaying my vulnerability.

Donatella  Barbera
2800 Euro

Donatella Barbera

Certaldo in Firenze, Italy

Even as I child I was fascinated by photography but it was not until 2011 that I decided to let it fully enter my life. That year, as well as making my passion a profession, I married Damiano, companion in life and in photography. We moved to London for a while to further our technique and “open our minds” to more dynamic phot

1500 Euro

Alessandro Colle

Massa in Massa-Carrara, Italy
Alessandro  Pucci
1500 Euro

Alessandro Pucci

Vaiano in Prato, Italy

Alessandro Pucci Photographer and Filmmaker. He says thanks to his father Luigi for photography and visual arts passion. In 1993 he graduated from the photography school Dryphoto with the teaching of Giovanni Chiaramonte.

1000 Euro

Federico Pannacci

Castelnuovo Berardenga in Siena, Italy
950 Euro

Emiliano Cribari

Pontassieve, Italy

The more time goes by, the more easier it gets for me to recount and tell the tale of who I am.

Michele  Monasta
1500 Euro

Michele Monasta

Firenze in Firenze, Italy

I have been a Photographer since I was ten years old... professional since 20 years ago. I am 43 years old, I am married and I have two children Arturo and Matilde.

Simone  Bacci
1400 Euro

Simone Bacci

Arezzo, Italy

Simone Bacci was born in Arezzo in the October of 1975. His first camera is a Kodak Disc 4000 that whilst used during school tours for normal shoots, got Simone interested into photography. With this ‘curiosity’ aside, Simone carried on many international travels on work in the leisure sector.

2000 Euro

Damiano Salvadori

Certaldo, Italy

Yesterday... Whilst growing up I was fascinated by photography and occasionally I shot with my father Minolta and having fun to capture things around me, but that was an hobby.

Guglielmo  Meucci
1200 Euro

Guglielmo Meucci

San Miniato in Pisa, Italy

Guglielmo Meucci is a 27 years old photographer from Tuscany. A passion born by coincidence became a real job done with competence by a photographer able to keep alive every single special moment in his naturalness, with a informal point of view. In recent years I have studied the great masters of photography, and I attend

Andrea  Sampoli
1700 Euro

Andrea Sampoli

Siena in Siena, Italy

Andrea Sampoli was born in Siena in the year 1977. He has been committing with wedding photography for several years now.

Andrea  Fabbrini
1800 Euro

Andrea Fabbrini

Abbadia San Salvatore in Siena, Italy

I am a professional photographer specialized in wedding reportage based in Tuscany. Accustomed to move especially in Val d’Orcia and Tuscany, I have experience in various regions of Italy.

Laura  Malucchi
1900 Euro

Laura Malucchi

Pieve a Nievole in Pistoia, Italy

Mi chiamo Laura Malucchi, , sono nata 54 anni fà in provincia di Pistoia .

Fortunato  Caracciolo
1650 Euro

Fortunato Caracciolo

Siena, Italy

I was born in 1975, and as soon as I popped the first teeth I start to breathe photography in my family’s photo studio. I became a Professional Photographer specialized in Reportage at the High Institute of Photography in Rome.

1600 Euro

Matteo Castelli

Siena in Siena, Italy

Photography is my passion, passion is my work. I am a photographer, a teacher in multimedia design, but above all I am a husband and a father and I love my family. Honestly I was not interested in marriage, I like architectures and altered landscapes.

Alessandro  Avenali
3000 Euro

Alessandro Avenali

Rome, Italy

***2016*** - Awarded Photographer of the Year by the industry awards “Masters of Italian Wedding Photography” - Awarded Category Winner (Details) in Nikon Awards, (among 49,000 competitors) - Awarded Best of Destination Wedding, according to the magazine Junebug Weddings - JUDGE for the industry awards “Masters of Dutch Wedd

2200 Euro
1700 Euro

Roberto Ricca

Brescia, Italy

Roberto Ricca with his business partner and photographer Andrea Gilberti created Gilberti - Ricca studio. We are wedding photographers based in Brescia.

Giuseppe  Giorgetti
1600 Euro

Moumou Photography: Giuseppe Giorgetti

Melzo in Milano, Italy

I was born in 1980. Since I went to school I had cultivated my passion for images, both as photographer and as graphic design. During my life photography has ever been my passion.

Massimiliano  Magliacca
1800 Euro

Nabis Fotografia: Massimiliano Magliacca

Roma in Roma, Italy

Massimiliano Magliacca is a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography Studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the most interesting events of the time.

Luca  Rossini
1800 Euro

Rossini Photography: Luca Rossini

Rome in Roma, Italy

I am a professional wedding photographer and my studio, Rossini Photography, is based in Trastevere, right in the heart of Rome. I shoot weddings with my wife Claudia throughout the Italian territory, for both Italian couples and international ones who pick our country for their destination wedding.

1400 Euro

Elisabetta Riccio

Torino, Italy

I am a professional photographer specialized in wedding's photojournalism since 2009. I'm a dreamer and I love what I do. Plus I'm addicted with Photography, Travel and Art. I love telling stories and this is what I do with my reportage.

Client Letters

Sharon and Giorgio

We just finished looking at our pictures…they are AMAZING! Besides the emotion while waiting for the pictures to download, I swear I had goose bumps for every single image seen. WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! When we first saw the photographs...

Ashara and Guido

Luca and Claudia, you delivered amazing pictures of our wedding! You really have an amazing eye for composition. You fitted all our suggestions of things we wanted, and had a lot of great ideas of your own, even in a country were...

Maura and Mario

Luca e Claudia, you have the key to revolutionize wedding photography! We put a lot of effort in giving you a hard time with our wedding pictures: we didn’t want any images of the preparation of the bride, nor any couple...