Antonio Nassa

My name is Antonio Nassa, I am wedding photojournalist and live in Genoa, the city in which I moved for over 20 years . My passion for photography was born in 1980 at school , thanks to a teacher of technical subjects that taught me the basics . Subsequently the passion has grown and has never stopped , I always photographed for pleasure or for photographic exhibitions where the main players have always been the people , the looks , the feelings . Early Marriages date back to a decade ago , but only 4 years I have given a twist to the way I photograph , I set aside the classical schemes of wedding photography to apply 360 ° a journalistic style images , just stories , people , looks, happiness …. I do not always like this gets proper recognition , it is challenging for those who produce it and for those who must use , requires feeling on both sides , it requires considerable narrative skills , but the final product will be ” your history of marriage “ and not just your same as a thousand other couples.

Photographer Antonio Nassa 
Business nik 
Location Torriglia in Genoa, Italy
Starting Rates €1250+ (EUR) 
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