Jeremy Bismuth

After studying Cinema at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Jeremy Bismuth directed many short movies. Then, photography came to him totally by chance. He starts with corporate photos, report, fashion, studio, and finally... wedding photography. Shooting his first wedding, surrounded by all the emotions, he knew immediately it was the best reportage ever. And until today, he enjoys the privilege to share such a beautiful moment with the bride and groom.

His filmmaker background is really visible in his pictures, allowing him to catch movement, feelings, and also cinematographic scenes, and beauty of natural light.

Jeremy Bismuth
1900+ (EUR)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Jeremy Bismuth. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Angélique & Cyril

    Angélique & Cyril

    Married 1 year ago
    Jeremy, Thank you for our wedding reportage. You've softened the bride mood, made us movie stars for one day, and you've been so kind with our guests... Thanks again.
  • Nora & Thibaut

    Nora & Thibaut

    Married 1 year ago
    Our photos are beautiful and natural. You manage to catch emotions of our wedding, of our guests, and that's what we expected. Your reportage is a perfect reflection of the hapiness we have lived. You were kind, open-minded, and listening. Your discretion, yout professionalism and your friendship helped us to feel confident. And we want to thank you for sharing this wonderful day.
  • Hassina & Samir

    Hassina & Samir

    Married 1 year ago
    We were lucky to meet you Jeremy, you did a fantastic job. You were very professional, listening each of our wishes and you achieved them. Also you were not intrusive, which is really pleasant. You are friendly, it was a pure joy to work with you, and your smile was helpful in times of stress. Our wedding pictures form a great reportage, they simply translate the emotion of this unique moment. Even all our friends and family found our pictures wonderful.
  • Bénédicte & Mickaël

    Bénédicte & Mickaël

    Married 1 year ago
    We completely trusted you for our wedding. You have a great sensitivity and a very special way of taking pictures, capturing the energy and beauty of moments. In fact, your video maker background allows you to give sense and movement to your pictures, and that's really rare for a photographer. Thus we've had this idea from a long time that you could be our photographer for our wedding. During the preparation, you were aware of our needs, asking the way we wanted the pictures to be taken. We appreciated your adaptation qualities, but also your creativity by making suggestions. For example, you proposed to take pictures before the ceremony, showing some moments before the marriage. You attached yourself to show all these important details after the ceremony : the dance of the brides, the discussions of the family and our friends, and all these little expressions that are so important, that is to say an emotion in a smile or in a look. During the wedding, we had many compliments of our family and friends about your professional qualities and your nice and discreet way of immortalizing all these moments. The result of this work was even more beautiful than we expected. More than 500 pictures were chosen, all wonderful. Your pictures managed to capture so many emotions with a very natural way. Each time we look at your pictures, we remember exactly that day and our feelings of each moment.
  • Caroline & Jonathan

    Caroline & Jonathan

    Married 1 year ago
    Dear Jeremy, Thank you so much for all the amazing moments you manage to catch during my wedding : you were everywhere at the same time but always discreet. When I look at the pictures I feel so much emotions, and live again this extraordinary day, nothing is missing. I only could recommand you to all my friends! Thanks again.
  • Olivia & Christophe

    Olivia & Christophe

    Married 1 year ago
    You’re a really nice person Jeremy, very kind, but also very professional and serious in your job. It was great to have you as our photograph as you were discreet, but always at the right place and the right time to catch every moment in the wedding. Pictures look like us, very natural. You knew how to catch the best scenic views for the pictures. Our family and friends all said that the pictures were really well done, and my husband and I are very happy. All the memories of this day are forever in our minds and, thanks to you, we’ll always enjoy looking at our wedding album.
  • Emilie & Laura

    Married 2 years ago
    Jeremy, you know how to catch emotions! We wanted our wedding photos to be far from the traditional ones, so that it look like us. You filled and surpassed our expectations. Thank you so much