Indra Simons

Indra  Simons

The next word I learned, after 'mommy' and 'daddy', was probably 'aperture'. My father is a photographer you see. And I spend quite a few hours in the darkroom watching the pictures he took showing up.

But it was not until I was planning a trip to New York that I took an interest in photography myself. I borrowed my fathers Pentax and asked him what exactly I should do with it, the day before leaving. So my father said to his impatient daughter: 'Well, in daylight, just set the camera to 1/80 at 8, should do the trick in most situations'. It did, sort of. Later I took some photography classes, and really got the hang of it. I developed an interest in wedding photography - not only because I'm a sucker for wedding dresses - but because I really like searching for the best possible images that show the 'atmosphere'.

These days I also spend time looking at portfolios and learning from other WPJA photographers. Amazing stuff. Very proud to be a member.,

Indra Simons
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