Armando Marchese

Audace.E this the term that comes to mind suddenly and spontaneously before the photo of Armando Marchese.Audace for the attitude towards photography and fotografare.In a time when you can not cheat a photograph with courage and spontaneity to a photo is not built, not artificial, but naturale.Ed is bold, the photographer Etneo, to have taken his career very young, with its ability to work "to capture" moments Unconventional classics, but also from an experimental car celebratory photograph of Armando tends to impose itself with a photograph not forcibly put down, absolutely modern, highly original, free of banality and every retorica.Scatti in contrast to the shootings planned and retouched, which capture the light of a glance, the intangibility of a thrill, a vibration, the constant search of the inner world of those who stand to say that fronte.potremmo to Armando Marquis and a journey into the depths of the soul, where a re-emergence are often unexpected sensuality and character.
His extraordinary skill lies in the capture and express the psychological game between photographer and subject fotografo.Ed this is perhaps the reason why the Marquis Armando can only portray a person who loves, who admires or dislikes.
A witness to the intensity of his work, an important portfolio full of big names and a critical success internationally leading him to perform services of wedding photojournalism worldwide last December 2013 in India's Pink City Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan only an experience of its kind in the world putting in place his shots from the different way of seeing from India.
Become the official photographer of the workshops of the Fuji Film Italy as Master in 2002, taking important seminars throughout Italy.
From 2003 to 2007 he published several pictures in Vogue bride.
Not content with being able to provide valuable "stories through images" of the events it portrays, and in view of ongoing experimentation, that the bride and groom looking for a unique style and riconoscibile.Non can cure his shots, like to look after what took finds that capture moments of life, collect the moment which remains forever, the couple always imagine their wedding as the Book photo of a beautiful party, where everyone is beautiful and smiling.
He works mainly in 35mm (Nikon) digital Hassemblad.

Photographer Armando Marchese 
Business Fotografo 
Location Catania in Sicily, Italy
Starting Rates €2000+ (EUR) 
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