Corey Balazowich

I am 35 years young and have been photographing the world since I could figure out how to push the button. I grew up as a Daddy's Little Girl and shared his love for photography, often taking his Canon FT and capturing the world as I saw it with that camera (not that it always turned out mind you!). As I grew up my love for photography never diminished and eventually after my Father's death I decided to try my hand at pursing this as a career and thus far it has been a productive one! Read More...

Photographer Corey Balazowich 
Business Corey Ann Photography 
Location North Canton in Ohio, United States
Starting Rates $2500+ (USD) 
Client Letters 6 Client Letters
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The following letters are from the clients of Corey Balazowich. Click an image to view a larger version.

Carrie  &  Ken

Carrie & Ken
Married September 25th, 2010
"I just wanted to write and thank you soooooo much for your amazing work on our wedding! We absolutely could not be happier with how they turned out and we are amazed at how quickly you had the gallery up. It was so exciting and fun to look through all the galleries while we were...more "

Tracy  &  Matt

Tracy & Matt
Married September 24th, 2010
"We just got back from our honeymoon and were able to look at the pictures you took for our wedding. WE LOVED THEM!!!!! Thank you so much again for coming to our wedding and helping us to celebrate it and remember it forever. You were so wonderful to work with and made everything...more "

Crystal  &  Brant

Crystal & Brant
Married August 21st, 2010
"I finally have a minute to truely thank you for everything! The pictures are absolutly wonderful! I am very very happy with them :) The only thing that could have made them better is a little more sunshine! My advice to future brides is to do a sneak peek. We would have had a...more "

Jacki  &  Brad

Jacki & Brad
Married May 15th, 2010
"Thank you so much for the fabulous pictures. You did an amazing job in capturing our day and our personalities as well. Everyone keeps talking about how great our photographer was and how the pictuers are amazing. Props to you!! Thanks so much!!!"

Carolyn  &  Matt

Carolyn & Matt
Married October 10th, 2009
"WHERE DO WE BEGIN??.... You not only provided amazing services with the help of your husband, but you two captured EVERY wonderful moment to make sure our wedding day would be unforgettable and guaranteed that we would have memories which we can share with people we meet for the rest of our lives. From our engagement pictures where we required a little bit of coaching, to our rehearsal dinner fun at the bowling alley all the way to the beginning moments of the rest of our lives together, you captured the moments that made that day special for both of us. We rave about you to everyone we meet and are most excited to start our family just so you can do maternity and family pictures for us!!! You are going to be the gal we call to capture all the important moments for the rest...more "

Bethany A &  Lee

Bethany A & Lee
Married September 26th, 2009
"There is more that I want to say than I’ll have time to right now. We made an entire event of looking at the pictures last night, cracked a couple of trappist beers, and we didn’t even get through all of them. All I kept wanting to say was “THIS is why we hired Corey.” Bethany...more "