Featured Venice Wedding Venues

Getting married in Venice? Find the top Venice wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the Venice wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated May 16th, 2019

Pisani Moretta Palace - Venice Wedding Reception Photography | The witness of the bride makes a speech in front of a hundredth of guests in a fairy tale atmosphere.
Wedding Photography by Daniele Borghello, Padua, Italy

Palazzo Pisani Moretta is a wedding venue palace situated along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy between Palazzo Tiepolo and Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza.

Villa Foscarini Rossi Padova wedding shoot with a couple cutting their cake at night outside with firework showers
Wedding Photography by Daniele Borghello, Padua, Italy

The Foresteria of Villa Foscarini Rossi offers very different spaces to host convivial events of different kinds.Among these events, the wedding receptions stand out: it is possible to have the exclusive of all the spaces of the Villa-Foresteria complex, to organize an unforgettable wedding reception and photoshoot.