Featured Toronto Wedding Venues

Getting married in Toronto? Find the top Toronto wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the Toronto wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated July 24th, 2019

YORK MILLS GALLERY PORTRAIT PHOTO - bride and groom kissing on wedding day
Wedding Photography by Cafa Liu, Toronto, Canada

Located in Toronto, York Mills Galleries are unique event venues that offer an urban-industrial loft-style space to host weddings, social events, corporate functions, conferences, fashion shows, etc. The 28,000 sq-foot facility is surrounded by drapery, windows, city brick and industrial age beamed ceilings.

OLD MILLS TORONTO wedding photograph of flower girl playing with bride's gown hanging by curtains in the window.
Wedding Photography by Cafa Liu, Toronto, Canada

The Old Mill Toronto wedding chapel is the perfect place to get married if you are looking for an authentic, historic wedding venue. The stained glass windows cast unique rays of light across the pews, the candlelight creates a gorgeous glow, and our resident chaplains will usher you down the aisle for the perfect atmosphere for your intimate wedding.

Cafa Liu, of Ontario, is a wedding photographer for ARGONAUT ROWING CLUB, TORONTO
Wedding Photography by Cafa Liu, Toronto, Canada

Located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, The Henley Room at the Argonaut Rowing Club is the perfect event venue for those looking for a waterfront setting to capture beautiful Toronto wedding photography.

Gentleman passes by bridal party on the sidewalk at Hotel Ocho
Wedding Photography by Cafa Liu, Toronto, Canada

Hotel Ocho, Toronto Wedding Venue provides the opportunity to customize your wedding however you'd like. Whether you are interested in a sleek and modern affair, a warm, inviting day with old friends, or even a themed event, Hotel Ocho will be the perfect venue for you. Don't forget to have your photographs taken in this memorable destination to commemorate your special day.