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Featured São Paulo Wedding Venues

Getting married in São Paulo? Find the top São Paulo wedding photographers via their award-winning images from the São Paulo wedding venues featured below.

Page Last Updated December 18th, 2019

Madero Eventos - Americana	photography - everybody singing at the wedding
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Wedding Venue Images from Madero Eventos | Americana-SP Events

Madero Eventos - A hall that offers a complete structure to meet the client, guests, and suppliers. With a unique concept that differentiates itself by offering in one place several environments, which are all naturally decorated in the midst of nature. Perfect for party events and wedding party photos!

Floriada eventos em Holambra - Wedding photo of Bridesmaid crying during outdoor ceremony.
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Wedding Venue Images

"We already have a long history of being a very dear place and appreciated by people from all over the region. The idea was born in 1990 by Mr. Johannes Wagemaker, a Dutch immigrant. With the idea of ​​opening a park to receive tourists and show a little of their immigrant history in a place of green, animals and gardens.

The Floriada Eventos, Jaguariuna establishment was opened in 1994, a restaurant and bar with typical Dutch cuisine, serving customers from all over the Campinas region to Mogi Guaçu, from Amparo to Limeira. Today the space is run by Jerry van der Spek and Alessandra Wagemaker van der Spek, daughter of Mr. Johannes, who wants to continue the project that Mr. Johannes started.

The place is easily accessible via the SP-107 highway, we are 1.1 km from the clover that connects Jaguariúna, Santo Antonio de Posse, Campinas, Mogi Mirim and Mogi Guaçu, directly to Holambra."

Espaço Barão - Campinas Wedding Photography of vows in the rain at night with the bride and groom
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Campinas Ballroom Wedding Events

Espaco Barao, Campinas - Sao Paulo Wedding Venue

"At Espaço Barão in Campinas, you will find a modern Ballroom designed exactly with the purpose of attending your wedding with maximum security and excellence.

Is your dream a beautiful, wonderful and unforgettable wedding? You have just found the perfect place!"

Celeiro Quintal - São Paulo Wedding Photographer - Couple on the wedding party
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

A Farm and Barn Wedding Venue - Celeiro Quintal, Sao Paulo

Celeiro Quintal, Pinheiros - São Paulo Wedding Pictures: " The Backyard Barn is inspired by weddings from American farms and sheds (Farmweddings and Barweddings).

You don't have to escape the city to get married in an amazing, wedding-looking setting in the countryside, farm, and barn.

 We created the Backyard Barn, located in the Pinheiros neighborhood, for sophisticated, cool and informed grooms.

We are the counterculture of the marriage market.

We designed a project with its own style and independent of everything that already exists. We believe in free love, but we are funny when it comes to working.

We are purposely stripped by harmoniously blending the old with the new. 

We are contemporary nomads panning for experiences, plays, and art around the world.

We bring old and valuable luggage with innovative concepts.

We like people, not things.

Anyway, we promote love (not war).

We have a capacity of 90 up to 320 guests.

Our party is complete and VIP.

We offer 4 types of menus (Hype, Folk, Gypsy, and Indie) executed by the renowned Divani Gastronomy Buffet.

Our sweets and cakes are fresh and made on the day of the event by the creative and original Soul Sweet.

The decoration is handmade and heart by Lamore & Co.

Who creates the vibe of the party is the experienced and versatile DJ Hermes Pinna.

And to end the party nothing better than the perfect well married Ana Cristina.

In addition, we offer all the exclusive furniture and a complete team with tradition to serve with affection.

So get ready because the best is yet to come."

Plantarum - Nova Odessa wedding photography of the bride dancing on the stage
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Jardim Botanico Plantarum, Nova Odessa, Brazil Wedding Venue

Your event is special, but at Jardim Botanico Plantarum, it will be unforgettable!

Here, in this place of unparalleled beauty, the most important day of your life will be uniquely eternalized. Surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful flora, the wedding of your dreams can come true. Whether you dream to have your ceremony in the botanical garden or in one of the indoor spaces, your Nova Odessa wedding photos will be bursting with life and love. 

Paioça do cabloco couple leaving the ceremony at night in this wedding photograph.
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Paioça Caboclo weddings at a well-known nightclub in Campinas

Paioca Do Caboclo, Campinas - Sao Paulo Wedding Venue Photos: "In a privileged location, surrounded by lush rural landscapes on the road that connects the Sousas and Joaquim Egídio district, Paioça do Caboclo is considered the best nightclub in the interior of São Paulo. Much more than a nightclub, Paioça is known for its rustic decoration and beautiful bioconstruction that can be seen in every corner of the house.

The programming is varied and able to meet and please all ages."

Villa Ricci eventos Mogi guaçu wedding photography in black and white showing the dancing bride with friends
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Wedding Venue in Brazil - Villa Ricci Events

The Villa Ricci Wedding Events with ancient architecture and large pillars and arches, rustic with a touch of sophistication.

Zarzuela - Limeira wedding photographer | everybody crying at the reception party
Wedding Photography by Vinicius Fadul, São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Wedding Venue Photography

Zarzuela, Limeira offers two spaces for holding events: the "Field Hall" and the "Contemporary Hall". Both have excellent infrastructure, in addition to the internal parking, providing greater tranquility and comfort to its guests.