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Page Last Updated May 15th, 2023

The groom and bride in her dress were beautifully captured in a portrait from above at the Villa Acquaroli in Carvico, Italy
Wedding Photography by Michela Bocciarelli, Milan, Italy

Wedding Venue near Milan - Villa Acquaroli in Carvico

The large single room for 200 people, the large orangery room on the ground floor, the cloakroom service and the completely renovated heating system make Villa Acquaroli the ideal location for your winter wedding.

As the bride gracefully and stylishly prepares for her special day at Villa Canton in Trescore Balneario, Bergamo, she sits with her hands resting on her lap in her robe
Wedding Photography by Michela Bocciarelli, Milan, Italy

At the wedding venue of Villa Canton in Trescore Balneario, you will find an intimate environment

Between the main building, the stables and the Blue Room at Villa Canton, Trescore Balneario, we find the court. Conversation place during banquet breaks, often used for cutting the cake or for bouquet launching, the court is the most intimate point of contact between internal and external environments.

Inside the main building, there is Sala Marina; it has a flexible capacity, from 10 up to 200 seats, thanks to the small side rooms, richly frescoed and enriched with fireplaces that contribute to creating an intimate environment.

Villa Caroli Zanchi, Italy wedding bridal party artistic image session with the group of the grooms friends made unique by a play of lights that enhances the smoke of the cigars
Wedding Photography by Massimiliano Beccati, Milan, Italy

Beautiful Bergamo Villa for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions - Villa Caroli Zanchi of Stezzano

"The entire Villa Caroli Zanchi will be at your disposal for the whole wedding day, without any other event taking place. For each reception, based on the specific needs of the customer, a price per person is agreed, which includes the exclusivity of a very high level treatment and a series of services and small tricks, signs of a truly special welcome."

La Corte Berghemina, Pagazzano wedding photo of the bride and groom heading up the stairs for the start of the wedding party
Wedding Photography by Alessandro Di Noia, Brescia, Italy

La Corte Berghemina - Elegant Banquets and Wedding Parties

"The staff will amaze you with an impeccable organization and unprecedented attention to detail, providing you with the best solutions in harmony with your style, the atmosphere of the location; and will be an expert guide for the preparation of your wedding banquet, thus helping you to create an unforgettable event.

Architectural jewel of the Bergamo countryside, La Corte Berghemina once housed the sharecroppers of the lords of the castle of Pagazzano, its exceptional neighbor, and is today a wedding location full of magical charm.

Historic house renovated with a modern style, with crystal flooring and exposed vaults.

The splendid and unique panoramic view of the entire 12th century medieval Visconti castle, the adjacent moat and its park will make the events unique and unforgettable."

Il Fontanile, Gandosso, Italy Wedding Reception | The bride launches her bouquet into the crowd
Wedding Photography by Massimiliano Beccati, Milan, Italy

Il Fontanile Tallarini Wedding Venue in the Bergamo Hills of Italy

Located in the beautiful hills of Bergamo, Il Fontanile Tallarini is a perfect wedding venue. Surrounded by nature and vineyards of Valcalepio, this special location offers exclusive spaces for entertaining in any season and a tranquil pond with a pleasant pier. The cellar has stone walls and large barrels that house Tallarini's prestigious wines and create an atmosphere of intense aromas and sensations.

The Fontanile team is available to help couples organize their wedding and events, offering classic proposals or creating something unique and tailored. They provide an exclusive location, with only one event per day. There is an internal kitchen and the beverage and wine selection is chosen by the couple and the sommelier, with unlimited options throughout the meal or dinner. The mise en place is customized with different options depending on the period theme, and there is a tableau de mariage, graphics and printing of the menu at the table for everyone. There is even a wedding stylist for coordination, internal and external location set-up with relaxation areas and lounges, a supporting newlyweds suite, free tasting of the menu from their Michelin star “A’ Preview” Restaurant & Show-Cooking, and a wedding cake is even included.

Villa Martinello Mapello wedding event photography | Portrait of the couple at sunset
Wedding Photography by Luigi Rota, Lecco, Italy

Bergamo Park Weddings - Villa Martinelli

"Historic home of the internationally renowned tenor Giovanni Martinelli, from whom it takes its name, the Villa is a jewel of Italian Art Nouveau, which is found in the finishes and decorations, in the original library made entirely of wood, in the sumptuous fireplaces.

The magical allure of the interiors and the romantic Italian garden, dotted with statues and water features, make Villa Martinelli an ideal location for weddings, private events and ceremonies that want to stand out for their attention to detail and elegance.

An estate of 30 hectares ideal for experiencing your dream event."

Wedding reception photograph of couple dancing and dipping | Italy tenuta Serradesca weddings
Wedding Photography by Matteo Reni, Busto Arsizio, Italy

At the vineyards of Scanzorosciate, Bergamo - An elegant and historic country wedding venue. 

Serradesca Tenuta is the ideal location for those who love the countryside and have always dreamed of a country-chic wedding.