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Photo by: Shaun Baker

Wedding Photojournalists of Zhejiang

Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Taizhou, Cixi, Rui'an, Yiwu

For the best photography on your big day, you’ll want a wedding photojournalist to take artful, beautiful pictures reflecting real emotions and moments, not contrived situations or posed performances. You also need a professional who can make your family and guests feel at ease. Meet the accredited member photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

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HangZhou China wedding photography by Lu Ping

我的爷爷在1949年之前,就拿起了相机记录下身边发生的事情,一直拍摄至今,摄影的意义就是记录回忆。这也是我拿起相机,记录婚礼的初衷。当10年或20年以后,后代们能知道婚礼当天所发生的事情。因为有了摄影师,这一幕才得以重温。我的爷爷记录下我出生前的影像,我将继续把这个记录历史的工作做下去,一直到老。婚礼摄影是我喜欢并将一直会坚持的事情。 ...

Lu Ping

LanShan Photography

HangZhou in Zhejiang, CN
Starting Price:
8800 (CNY)
Mango Gu is a China based wedding photo taker from Hangzhou

顾殿忠 Mango Gu 纪实婚礼摄影师,旅行婚纱摄影师,家庭摄影师 ,LEON WONG Studio成员。 ISPWP 2016冬季比赛全球婚礼摄影师排名TOP15,ISPWP比赛双项冠军,WPJA全球纪实婚礼摄影师协会会员,拥有超过十年的摄影经验,多个国际奖项获得者。年少时Mango因为叔叔家的一台相机而对摄影产生浓厚兴趣。此后的数年里,他曾从事过商业摄影、人像摄影。2009年,一场亲身经历的婚礼让他感受到充满爱的现场,并决定开始婚礼摄影。...

Mango Gu

Hangzhou, CN
Starting Price:
15000 (CNY)
Leon Wong - Top 10 wedding photographers in the world - WPJA  2013

Leon Wong has been ranked into top 10 wedding photographers in the world by WPJA in 2013. He appreciates shooting with the natural light. He believes that however the fashion swings, what matters is the feeling of his client at...

Leon Wong

Hangzhou, CN
Starting Price:
6000 (USD)
Castro Wang is based in HangZhou, China and worked as a news photojournalist, but now shoots weddings.

I served in the Navy for over ten years and recorded the first wedding in 1999, and now worked as a news photojournalist as well as a professional wedding and portrait photographer.

Castro Wang


HangZhou in Zhejiang, CN
Starting Price:
3000 (USD)
Yiyuan Qiu likes shooting photos for brides in Zhejiang

Yiyuan Qiu

Hangzhou in Zhejiang, CN
Starting Price:
3200 (CNY)

Wedding Photojournalists from Zhejiang

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