West Midlands and Worcestershire wedding photography by Richard Watkins of England, United Kingdom
1000+ (GBP)

Richard Watkins

England Wedding Reportage

I love photographing weddings with all the emotions they bring out of people, and there is usually cake, what's not to like! It's these emotions I aim to capture in my photographs.
I've been interested in photography since my Dad trusted me not to drop his trusted SLR (back in the film days) and had my own camera for my 16th birthday.
I took a break when I started my first job as a physics teacher, but sparked my interest again when we had children.
My main other interest is karate and Japanese culture generally if you get to visit, make sure you try okonomiyaki. I've been lucky enough to have travelled to Japan a few times and lead a school exchange visit to a Japanese school. I even got to try kendo and train karate in a Japanese dojo.