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Abram Eric Landes

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Hi! I am Abe, and I am a photographer lucky enough to be working in the Washington, D.C. area. Cityscapes, rolling mountains, wineries, riversides, history, Capitol Hill... Everything is here!

Photographing weddings is not just my job: it is something I find immensely rewarding and challenging at the same time. There are always small and special moments happening between the big moments on the wedding day. The challenge is finding the right mix of premonition, preparation, and luck to capture a story that not only shows the height of those huge wedding day moments, but also the depth of emotion and interactions between the guests, families, and the happy couple.

I love the photojournalistic approach for wedding photography, as this approach was imparted on me when I worked as an editor for two wildlife photographers at the start of my career. Looking through hundreds of thousands of slides of the raw beauty of each continents' animals made me appreciate how these two photographers could tell a story without necessarily directing the action. They were in charge of the camera, the composition, lighting direction, and doing the work necessary to be in the right place at the right time for an incredible photograph.

Now, over the past ten years as a wedding photographer, I have since learned how to pose couples, direct large crowds of wedding revelers, and 'enable the fun' in the right lighting. But the backbone of my work and why my clients hire me is for my candid images that are flatter the subject and tell the story.

So, based on a few of my experiences, here are things I will gladly do during your wedding day:

- I will get into a barnyard with a ornery donkey and crazy horse to pose you with said horse
- I will submerge my camera underwater to get photos of you two scuba diving with your wedding clothes on
- I will help your two drunk wandering wedding guests back to the reception, despite being a few miles from the reception
- I will get stranded overnight on the side of a mountain in Boulder with your rock-climbing wedding party
- I will let the flower girl dump her basket of petals on me and laugh at me during the processional
- If dogs are present, I will rile them up for some unexpected memorable moments
- I will go to the middle of Greece for your storybook wedding in a small fishing village
- And I will go to the very middle of China for an amazing traditional wedding ceremony in a giant city filled with delicious food.

Thanks for reading and viewing my work! Let's talk soon.

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