Kathleen Hinkel is a documentary-style wedding photographer in BC Canada
3000+ (USD)

Kathleen Hinkel

I'm a photojournalist with over a decade of experience as a professional photographer. I offer documentary-style wedding photography packages for those of you looking for a wedding photographer that takes more of a candid approach to capturing your big day. The way I approach photographing weddings is similar to the way I'd approach a photojournalism assignment or documentary photography project. I unobtrusively tell your wedding story through unplanned, unposed images; capturing raw moments to let you enjoy your day without having to constantly stop and "say cheese". I still make it a priority to capture details and essential family portraits because no family is ever all together in the same place EXCEPT on a wedding day! My work photojournalism, sports photography and travel photography has been published in publications worldwide and I'm proud to be a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

ABOUT THE DANCE FLOOR It's always my preference to start shooting early and stay late in order to capture EVERYTHING - all my wedding photography packages therefore include having me shoot for the full day with no limit on hours. I like to start when the bridal party excitedly begins to get ready and stay till the bitter end - when Aunt Edna is the lone wolf on the dance floor spinning to Gloria Gaynor or something like that. (BTW I love shooting a good dance floor so if you think you and all of your loved ones are going to tear it up - then I'm your girl).

ABOUT LOVE A genuine love for life and for people is what initially drew me to photojournalism. As a photojournalist, I've been privileged to be repeatedly invited into people's lives for snippets of time in order to tell a story with my camera. Photojournalism at its best is truly a celebration of life and all its unpredictability. My aim for photographing your wedding is to celebrate it through images in all its beautiful light and with all its unpredictable moments. As a wedding photographer I truly believe that love and our ability to give and receive it is one of the greatest fundamental gifts we have as humans. I therefore am thrilled to photograph all weddings that celebrate love - enthusiastically welcoming both straight and same-sex couples.

ABOUT TRAVEL I'm based in Vancouver but let me be clear - I am willing to shoot your wedding at any location on the Planet Earth. So if you're planning a destination wedding take note: Have camera, will travel. Please also note that I currently do not travel beyond the Planet Earth. If you are planning to get married on the moon, you'll have to inquire elsewhere - I just think I'd get too homesick once I left the atmospheric bubble.