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Jennifer Tai


My big foray into professional photography began with moving to the US with her husband in 2006. Having worked as a writer for 12 years for the business and tech industry, I didn't want to go back to the publishing world but was more concerned with not going insane being stuck with our two girls at home. My husband and I spent many, many hours discussing what I should do to keep my wits about me. He'd suggested photography since I "had a knack" for it. I was more worried about the business end of things. "What do I know about running a business?" I'd lament.

So after months of hemming and hawing, my dear husband came home one day - with $5,000 worth of gear.

"This is a loan," he simply said. "We can't afford this."

Knowing for a fact that I work best under pressure, that kind of hauled my behind out of the couch. Six years today, I have not looked back.

Over the last six years, I've developed an unmistakable style for the quirky and the real. Life is full of funny moments that are just waiting to be noticed and captured - none more so than on a wedding day. Keeping my commissions to 25 weddings a year, I run this "boutique" business in Seattle at the risk of becoming a hipster, but barely. And true to my dear hubby's prediction, I actually do have a talent for photography, so much so that I've had the validation of several industry awards.

In my free time, I love to sing karaoke and play video games - a throwback to my past life as a video game magazine writer.

5 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits