Gagan Dhiman is a N. California wedding photographer.
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Gagan Dhiman

Wedding Photojournalist

My interest in photography grew in 2008 after loosing my mother to leukemia. I wanted to capture moments that I could cherish for a life time, since I couldn't find any photos of just me and my mother. My goal is to capture moments that can be cherished for generations. I love to capture emotions and love. I sees things differently and has got the ‘eye’ for what will make a magical picture and how to capture the story of your day. In 2010 I joined the U.S Army and became a combat photographer. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 and documented images for the Army. You can see some of my photographs from my time in the army here. I get my photojournalism style of photographing from my experience in the Army. I am drawn to dramatic light and I create the most unique images. My work is described as timeless, epic, artistic and classic by my clients. My good humoured, charismatic style will immediately put you and your guests at ease. From little intimate country weddings to big city chic – each location and couple present a new opportunity for me to bring my creative vision to your day. Memories are captured, not created.

22 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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