New York City and Queens based wedding photojournalist, Zach Nelson.
1500+ (USD)

Zach Nelson

Moments to me are transient, fleeting, unscripted and honest. Real moments can not be replicated. I consider it a great honor to be able to work as a photojournalist and I take great pride in documenting moments. When I am working I try to capture the most striking moments of the day, both big and small. You never step in the same river twice and the same is true with each wedding. My goal is to accurately and beautifully document your day in a way that is truthful and compelling.

As an undergraduate I studied photojournalism at Ohio University Scripps School of Visual Communication. I have spent a great deal of time as a photographer documenting all varieties of news topics. Through my various work experiences I have learned to capture the essence of a story from multiple angles. I often tell people to ignore me and go on with their day. I thrive in environments where people are genuinely engaged in their own life's story. When people are caught up in their own narrative I find my place at it's edge, where I can observe and capture the threads as they unfold.