Portland, Oregon Documentary Wedding Photographer
2100+ (USD)

Andrea Garrity

Sentiero Photography

Many photographers will tell you that they felt something the first time they held a camera. This is also true for me, but I didn't pursue photography in a real way until after college. I was visiting Argentina and I saw a photograph—black and white—that just enthralled me. I returned home and took film photography and darkroom classes. It was there that my passion for documenting events started and I found that for me wedding photography is the most rewarding!

I am passionate about people and telling their story. My style and approach is candid and natural, which means I am not after a staged moment or recreating a Pinterest photograph, but rather documenting those wonderfully beautiful and organic moments. I create artful images that will stand the test of time. My favorite images are those that make one feel something. Clients consistently share with me that it felt like was a guest at the wedding, a guest who documented their love story beautifully. I am friendly, work behind the scenes and most of all focus on you while you are making amazing memories.

I love photography, but what inspires me everyday are the couples that I work with. I want to get to know you and capture your unique story!

I am based out of Portland, and absolutely love to travel.