With a background in fine art and traditional photojournalism, Maine Photographer Brendan Bullock is experienced.
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Brendan Bullock


My background is in both fine art and traditional photojournalism, and those genres are still at the heart of my wedding photography, though over the years I have also allowed editorial and fashion work to seep into my style - at this point I feel like the final edit of photographs from a wedding really showcases all of those diverse influences. I typically shoot around 15 weddings a year, which allows me to put a lot of creative energy into every event, and a lot of hard work into creating a perfect edit and delivery of images after the fact. I'm continuously moved and compelled by documenting weddings and see each and every unique event as an opportunity to make a photograph that I've never made before... I've been photographing weddings for over ten years and feel really grateful to do what I do!

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