Rustbelt Mayberry Wedding Photographer, Erin Ninehouser
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Erin Ninehouser

Rustbelt Mayberry Photography

Documentary photography has had my heart from the moment I picked up a camera in high school more than two decades ago. Searching for a way to understand the world around me - the grief, the joy, the stillness, the chaos - was so much easier through the viewfinder of my little digital camera. Suddenly, the world wasn’t everywhere all the time, it was in the 4x6 frame in front of me and the stories that perspective began to reveal.

At first, I photographed scenes in my hometown of New Castle, PA, places and moments that were full of emotion, almost longing to be seen. And then I worked up the courage to begin photographing people - my parents, grandparents, friends, pets, and future husband. Not a single one of those photos were technically perfect - and if they were close, it was a happy accident - but they are absolute treasures that have become more valuable with each passing year. They connect me to those precious people and the experiences we share, even after some of them have passed away.

Photography has been a life-changing gift for me to receive, and one that I’m so grateful to be able to give to others, not just through weddings, but also in the community storytelling work I do for non-profits and causes of justice, which is another lifelong passion. I believe each of us has the power to make the road a little easier for those who walk alongside us, and those who will come after us. Part of that mission for me means helping people discover how rich their lives already are through the beautiful relationships they’ve nurtured and the impact they’ve had on the world around them.

That’s my heart (which belongs to my husband Dave and our four - yes four! - cat children)! Here are the facts:

- I’ve been a professional photographer since 2016.
- I’ve photographed over hundreds of community and non-profit events.
- I am a trusted and sought-after second photographer for other professionals, who know the value of having a documentary-oriented teammate on wedding days.
- I photograph 10-20 weddings per year to make sure I give my couples 1000% of my focus, presence and energy (I never photograph more than 1 wedding per weekend).
- I invest a ton of time and money in education in the art, craft, and business of photography to give my clients the very best experience and images.
- I was honored as an “Emerging Artist” at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA in 2016.
- My work has been published in the Beaver County Times, Ambridge Connection, Keystone Edge, Visit Beaver County, and in numerous communications and marketing materials of community organizations, colleges, and small businesses.
- I’m a founding member of a local arts initiative, The Genesis Collective, which is working to support artists and build community in Beaver County.

So, in summary, if you are looking for wedding photos you can FEEL and a photographer who will leave it all on the field, then I’m your gal! I can’t wait to hear from you!