Newark, New Jersey is where Leaha Bourgeois applies her wedding photojournalism skills.
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Leaha Bourgeois


I describe my style as creative documentary and enjoy capturing natural moments (no awkward posing) and of course, creating one of a kind portraits my clients. I strive to go above and beyond the traditional photos and curate a beautiful collection of memories that make you FEEL and remember exactly what your wedding was about. My clients are adventurous, fashionable, photography obsessed individuals who understand the multigenerational importance of their photos.

I have been shooting weddings for 7 years first starting in my home state of Texas and now in New Jersey. On average I shoot 20 weddings per year and also love shooting documentary work on the side. I have been with the love of my life, Jeffrey, for 12 years and together we have two children with a 14-year gap! Madi is 20 and Trace is 7. Over the years I have done everything between earning a Music Education Degree, teaching Elementary Music for 8 years, Dj'ing internationally, and shooting photography for almost 12 years. In my downtime, I enjoy trips to NYC with my family, home decorating, binging on Netflix, and shooting personal work with my Fuji XT-2.

As a girl, I remember my mom filling old popcorn tins with 4x6 photos from all of our holidays, vacations, and our daily lives through the lens of her 35mm point and shoot camera. Several times a year we would pull the tins down from the cabinet and dump the photos on the floor and sift through them as we reminisced over our memories. Looking back, it wasn’t epic moments or perfectly staged photos that made us smile or hold the photo close to our heart. It was the ordinary photos that meant the world to us. Having our photos printed and in our hands, transported us back in time. It is a very different experience to hold a photo and to experience the actual print. Having a digital copy of your wedding images is important to serve as a backup source for your images. I think it’s safe to say that photos that live on your phone and computer die and fade away. They are forgotten. Through the power of print, we know that we can keep your memories alive! Your photos breathe life into your every day by being on the walls of your home. Your wedding album is not for you! We believe the album is for your children and their children. One day your kids will reach for your wedding album and the power of print will transport them through time as they remember your wedding day. What a beautiful gift you are giving them.

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