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Andrew Alwert

Andrew Alwert Studios

I was born in New Orleans and raised in the wedding photography business. Both of my parents have spent their lives cultivating one of the city’s most established wedding photography businesses. Having been raised around the camera, I developed a passion and a talent for the art of creating images. From first using film cameras to now shooting digital, I have learned the art of a photograph.

Having spent more than 30 years perfecting my craft as a professional photographer, that experience helps me to create images that tell the story each couple provides. I look forward to connecting with you and your families; Engaging in each couple's personal wedding day requests brings me happiness and fulfillment.

Photography has taken me around the world and I have nurtured my passion for this art and am blessed to share that with all of you. My pledge is to use my experience and passion to create images that capture your vision!

14 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

True Love Captured Awards from Real Weddings - TLC

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Andrew Alwert.

A bride and groom embrace while surrounded by friends at their Jean Lafitte wedding reception party in Bayou Barataria, Louisiana

Married: 6 months ago

Macie and Hayden

Andrew, We can't thank you enough for the last few months and most importantly, Saturday. You have been amazing to work with and we will forever cherish the relationship we have built. We love you! Thank you so much, Macie and Hayden

A wedding ceremony picture of a New Orleans bride and groom during their vow exchange inside a Louisiana church

Married: 8 months ago

Ashley and Blake

Andrew, I can't thank you enough for these absolutely stunning pictures! I'm telling all of my friends to run, not walk, to book you for all of their photography needs!! You are simply the best. Ashley

A New Orleans bride and groom share a dance together during their French Quarter wedding reception in Louisiana

Married: 10 months ago

Sally and Michael

These beautiful photographs are so fabulous and fantastic! They are such a beautiful reminder of one of the best moments in my life. Your art blows me away! Thank you for these wonderful reminders of a beautiful night!