Rob Shook, from Connecticut, is into wedding photojournalism documentary photography
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Rob Shook


I grew up in southeastern Connecticut, and studied photojournalism and sociology at RIT. I started photographing weddings my sophomore year at college. It was immediately apparent how similar shooting a wedding was to the way I learned to create stories in class. I was looking for the same moments and emotions.

At weddings, as in my personal work, I work hard to blend in and work unobtrusively. I often get mistaken for a wedding guest, and to me that's success. Guests aren't distractions from the day's events, but they are also in the center of the action–from where it is easiest to make intimate photos.

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Married: 3 years ago


Hi Rob, Thank you!! These photos are fantastic! We had so much fun looking through them together last night and shared the link and password with many of our guests. Almost every photo one of us said "Now THAT'S a great photo." You captured some precious faces of the children, families and couples sharing loving moments, my grandma, the sober guy's crazy dance moves...we're thrilled! Thanks again for the wonderful work--you helped capture our wonderful wedding day for the future! Dawn