Meera Mohan-Graham is a MT wedding photographer
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Meera Mohan-Graham


> About career paths: I spent six years in logistics management. Weird aftereffects: a lingering fondness for spreadsheets, warehouses and steel-toe boots.

> Career paths part 2: I spent another few years in professional musical theatre. Weird aftereffects: improvising insane riffed vocals about mundane daily tasks. ("We're going to the DOG PARK, CHOTI! The DOG PARK!!! We're gonna pla-a-ay with Charlie!")

> About my vision: I'm on a mission to help couples fall in love with yourselves and what you stand for. I literally believe that my work changes lives.

> Favorite part of my work: becoming a real part of your community; laughing, crying and dancing alongside everyone else that loves you for the whole effing day.

> Least favorite part of my work: the gross fatigue-hump that comes halfway through any wedding day. It's the worst fifteen minutes. Worst.

> Loves: Eliot (the soul mate), Choti (the pup), laughter, real conversation, food, the Harry Potter books.

> Non-loves: unkindness, condescension, fake smiles, Bellatrix Lestrange, large parking lots, failing to notice when the dog's poop-bag roll runs out.

> About Eliot: My best friend and the one I married. Because of him, I have more love to give everyone. We've never stopped laughing together and we. never. will.

> About special skills: I'm a wizard at inventing homemade dog toys. Choti's current favorite involves tennis balls and a heinous old fleece nightgown.

>Special skills part 2: I have rocking 90s dance moves. YES, my friends. We're talking Roger Rabbit. We're talking Running Man.

1 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Meera Mohan-Graham.

Married: 2 years ago

Lindsay & Richard

Meera...MEERA!!! These are absolutely stunning, and you truly :) the joy of the day, the warmth of our family and friends, all of it. I can't help but think about how we'll be looking at these very same photos when we're old and gray and we will remember not just this happiest day of our lives but the spirit of that day, because you managed to see that and capture it for us. I am eternally grateful, we both are. I can't stop going through them one by one loving each special moment, even the tiniest details. And truly the part, which I will never ever forget, was how YOU more than anyone else that day made me feel peaceful, free to think only of our love and helped me be able to be in the moment. And we truly were, we could experience and take in as much as possible. These days with cell phones and constantly striving for the next and documenting the now...we didn't need to. Your presence made me feel light and free. I can't thank you enough for all you've given us. From the bottom of my heart, both of our hearts, we thank you!!!!