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Melissa Schaefer

Melissa Schaefer Photography

My very first camera was a little point and shoot that took 110 speed film. I knew nothing other than I wanted to capture what my eyes were seeing. Whether it was the split second interaction between two people who truly loved each other or the amazing light that casts its shadows over the landscape for just a few minutes before its gone. I knew I WANTED to capture these moments on film ...but never dreamed I would ever get to do it for a living!

Then, 19 years ago I started my first professional photography company, by the name of Moments in Time. I learned SO VERY much through all those weddings, families, births and more that I was honored to photograph. It allowed me to be home with my little kids when my husband was gone all week as an over the road truck driver. I learned as much about myself as I did about photography

In 2018 I relaunched my photography business with a new name: Melissa Schaefer Photography!