Minnesota wedding photographer Joe Szurszewski, of Minneapolis
1500+ (USD)

Joe Szurszewski

Former Photojournalist for MN Weddings

Joe is an experienced photojournalist, having covered everything from breaking news to sports and features. His commercial clients range from Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, and Neiman Marcus, to American Journalism Review, Puma, and Yamaha.

Since shooting his first paid wedding while still in high school, Joe strives to cover each wedding as the unique event it is. Joe works hard to capture both the expected and unexpected moments to produce a beautiful and accurate visual story of the wedding day.

"My approach to wedding photography is simple - I capture the authentic joy, excitement, and love of your day. Imagine yourself on your 25th anniversary and you and your spouse are looking through your wedding album. When I shoot your wedding, you will remember all of the feelings from the day because you will see those feelings in the photographs. You will see the love and joy in both of your eyes, and you will see the excitement in the faces of your friends and family."

3 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits