Los Angeles based wedding photojournalist Michael Bezman
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Michael Bezman

Michael Bezman Wedding Photography

I believe in art that reinforces the emotions, as much as I believe in emotions that reinforce the art.

This philosophy is what drives me to create emotionally infused art. I document weddings as a guest, observing people and emotions they share. I wish to be present and not, simultaneously.

Traveling and doing street photography has had a great impact on my ability to observe the subject without disturbing their state. This philosophy is mirrored in my wedding photojournalism, as I believe the images ought to demonstrate your wedding as is.

Most of my work is developed in black and white, with analog film development approach. During my Undergraduate studies in Israel, studying Photography and Communications, I was lucky to learn black & white processing of magenta pigments from an expert professor. Later, we translated the analog black & white process to digital representation.

I am Michael Bezman and I would love to say how much I appreciate you viewing my work. I am humbled to be part of WPJA — an artistic collective with a distinct approach to wedding photography.