Michigan and Detroit based wedding photographer John Frederick
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John Frederick

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My mother believes I am from another planet — and few in my family have ever argued with her about it.
I'm a nice guy, though, they can agree on that too, if you ask them.
I admit. I'm not traditional, and I'm not one to conform to much of anything. I'm not ashamed to say that to anyone who asks. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and this is evident in my work and in my life. I'm sort of proud of this, in fact.
I believe being a little different is a gift, a blessing.
So when I say I am not a wedding photographer, I mean it — I'm not.
I'm a documentary photographer, a storyteller with photographs. It's what I am. I've spent years working as a professional photojournalist and this style is what comes naturally to me. I love it.
My work is basically street photography — at your wedding.
In a nutshell, my goal, my passion, is to capture life, as it happens. Because, honestly, life is a beautiful thing.
So. if you don't want a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding, email me.
If you want images that reflect the emotion, the excitement and the memories made that day, call me. I'm your man.
Oh, and where did the name come from?
Simple. I've got seven dogs who share my home with me. Some people may think I'm crazy....
I think I'm the luckiest guy on the planet.

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Married: 1 year ago

Tyler & Sarah

Thank you for making out special day even better by capturing all of it to keep forever. Thank you for all the love you put into everything you do and supporting us together. It means more than you'll ever know, Love You Always, Sarah & Tyler