Denver, Colorado wedding photography by Sebastian Rotarski
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Sebastian Rotarski

Rotarski Photography in CO

Photography is a compulsive reaction for me. I simply love the craft. ​Always having been told I can't sit still, I thrive on the unexpected, which for me comes with the ultimate sense of freedom. I'm definitely a vagabond at heart. Trained as an architect, I got swept by wanderlust early on, but it's been long-term travel experience that made me realize how much I enjoy documenting life, people, and their stories through photography.

As I made a transition to wedding photography, extracting essence from the moment and place became as much an aspiration as it is a privilege. Those intimate moments in between, heavy with anticipation, raw, are where the story lies. Emotions are at the core of every wedding and the fact that I get to participate as an active observer-photographer, as a stranger (more or less), is an incredibly humbling experience. I greatly value spontaneity and prefer to minimally interfere as the events of your day organically develop. My focus is on documenting your love for each other over the course of one unique day, ultimately with the hope that those photographs capture all the authenticity and honesty of emotions.

8 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits