James Nix has a passion for finding the story in his NC wedding photography
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Jason Miczek
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James Nix

Photojournalist for NC Weddings

When people ask me what I do, I often describe myself as a visual storyteller. It's the simplest way to describe my passion for finding the story in everything I photograph and learning about people I meet and who they are.

That's the approach I've taken during my entire career as a photojournalist and is the same open-minded attitude I will bring as your wedding photographer.

Photography is about emotion. That's the human element that takes the most well-crafted image and allows you to connect with it and etches it on your mind for hours, days and even years.

Weddings are packed full of emotion with countless moments flying by to be lost in the recesses of our memories without a visual reminder. A photojournalist specializes in capturing those moments.

My mission is to tell visual stories for my clients with high caliber, documentary-style photography and to create meaningful artwork with professionalism and enthusiasm.

I've twice been honored as the North Carolina Photographer of the Year for community newspapers by The North Carolina Press Association (2010 and 2012.) I am a photojournalist and multimedia producer for the Independent Tribune, a Concord, NC-based newspaper.

I consider both North Carolina and Georgia to be my home states as my life has been split between the two

23 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

13 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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The following letters are from the clients of James Nix.

Married: 7 years ago

Kaleigh & Brent

Brent and I, as well as our entire family and friends, are absolutely in love with all of our pictures... People have told us our pictures look like they are out of a magazine. All of our pictures truly document our wedding day from start to finish even including all of the small details. We couldn't be more pleased... Thank you so much James!