Massachusetts and New England based wedding photographer Sharon Reiley
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Daniel Aguilar
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Sharon Reiley


Above all else, I want you to delight in every moment of your wedding. I want you to laugh, I want you to cry. I want you to take it all in. I want the photographs I create for you to remind you of the joy and love you felt at your wedding, surrounded by the people you care about most. I want to freeze this moment in time for you, so that you can keep it forever and enjoy the memories any time you want. My approach towards wedding photography is to unobtrusively capture real moments as they naturally unfold to tell your wedding story in the most meaningful way possible. This is your day, not mine, and I want to you to savor it. My focus is on capturing people, their connectedness and genuine emotions. My hope is that the photographs I make for you allow you to remember exactly how your wedding felt so that you can share it with generations to come.

I discovered my love for photography after the loss of my son Owen in 2005. Photography has become a way for me to heal, to do something meaningful, something that would bring joy to others. I started Reiley Photography at the end of 2006, following the birth of my daughter Paige. I like to believe that every smile I bring to my clients is proof that my son's life has made a difference in the world.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography